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We started social media consulting
Startup — 2009


We started to gain a three-part framework to assess the breadth, depth and focus of individual social impact. We crafted a theory of change for organization's or initiative. We learned from case studies of how other social enterprises have measured their social impact in lean and rigorous ways. We used professional’s Lean Data approach.

In a short time we progressed
very quickly.


We mastered the 4 steps of the human-centered design process to create innovative solutions to real-world challenges. This step taught us social media deeps. We built an effective interview guide for our social media applications and document our use research. We gained strategies for synthesizing our targeting user research and identifying opportunities for design. We practiced creative techniques to build rapid prototypes and make our ideas come to our life. We studied to test effectively our prototypes with real users and identify promising solutions to begin implementing.

We expanded both our ideas and our vision.

Q4 2016 Image

We learned social enterprises and organizations successfully run experiments, pivot, and remain lean and innovative while ethically serving their customers and prioritizing social impact. We improved our understand how to develop a business model that can drive financial sustainability and social impact. We started to use the business model canvas to map out key components of a social enterprise. We created and test hypotheses about a social enterprise’s target market size, cost structure, revenue streams, and value chain partnerships. We searched uncover revenue engines to power businesses serving customers living in bottom of the pyramid markets.

we continue to work at the same speed, the same tenacity and the same desire.…
Q4 2017


As our projects evolve, so do we. We keep pace with them as our target classification changes. Thank you for your satisfaction.

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