Hippopottam | Smart, simple and responsive.

Meet Hippopottam

Smart, simple and responsive.

Friendly Support

Our customers love the comfort that comes with six-months free support. Our dedicated support forum makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient.

Auto Follow Accounts

You can follow accounts easily. This process based on user accounts, medias, hashtags, comments and location infrastructure. Once set up auto follow settings + filters, lean back and enjoy the automatic follow feature.

Auto Like Pictures

You can easily like pictures. This process based on hashtag and user accounts infrastructure. Set up auto like settings, lean back and enjoy!

Auto Media Comments

You can automatically comments on the pictures of the selected users or hashtags. This feature based on user accounts and hashtags infrastructure. Set up a lot of special comments and share them randomly.

Automatic Unfollow Users

You can unfollow users automatically. Set up unfollow settings and lean back. By Automatic unfollow feature, you can unfollow all accounts, unfollow only follow script accounts and reserve white list users. These options can be adjusted on a daily basis.

Blacklist Words During Follows

You can use blacklist words option with automatic follow feature. Set up blacklist words while creating your list. Blacklist option is a wonderful feature for reaching your target group.

User Filters

You can use gender, location, leanguage or account type filters with automatic follow feature. This option provides comfort and quick for users.

Select Proxy Feature

You can use a lot of proxy options while launching Hippopottam extension. This feature uses google chrome infrastructure.

Use Multiple Accounts

You can use multiple accounts via Hippopottam. Please look at our pricing plans.

Pricing Plans